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Elbe’s Mural Project

The new mural will be painted on the west wall of Elbe's Beer & Wine store on University Blvd near the intersection with Grandview Ave. This large wall will have excellent visibility to vehicles and pedestrians traveling East on University Blvd and South on Grandview Ave and from the north side of the intersection. The building owner and WAP signed a memorandum of understanding making the wall available for the mural. All advertising will be removed from the wall and advertising will not cover any parts of the mural. The permanent sign will remain. Two driveways/parking separate the Elbe's building from its neighbor, the IHOP restaurant. There are no plans to construct anything between the buildings that could obstruct a view of the mural. 


Elbe's is one of the oldest business establishments in Wheaton. It has been family owned since 1951 when it was started as a neighborhood grocery store by Willie and Miriam Bobrow. Willie Bobrow served in the US Army in WWII and was stationed near the Elbe River, hence the name. The store is now run by their sons Andy and Jeff. The Bobrow family is not providing any funding for the project and has agreed to allow WAP to conduct a public call to artists to select the mural design. The Bobrows will have a voice in the selection process as a member of the advisory committee.


The planning process includes an examination of the wall to determine if it is structurally sound and what repairs are needed prior to work on the mural. WAP convened a public meeting to present the project to the community and to the Urban District government. WAP has asked community members to share ideas for the mural design.


As part of the planning process, WAP will assemble an advisory committee of businesses, residents and artists, WAP and the owner. Informed by the ideas generated in the public sessions and online, WAP will issue a "Call to Artists" to submit their qualifications and letters of intent. The Advisory Committee will select three finalists to receive a $1,000 to prepare their design concepts. After the design concepts are submitted they will be shared with the public and community preferences will be collected online. The Advisory Committee will consider the community's preferences in selecting the winning design in time to submit a project grant application to the Maryland State Arts Council by the April 14 deadline. The proposed budget for the artist to create the mural is $40,000. Interested artists can apply by clicking on the link below and creating an account on

Project Planning Schedule
Elbe's Mural Planning Schedule (3).jpg
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